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GUIDELINES: Copyright Permissions and Coursepacks

Have Questions?  Contact the Textbook Department, at 315-781-3449

  As a rule of thumb:

  • It can take 4-6weeks to obtain Copyright Permission for any one article
  • Copyright Permissions are typically limited to 10%-20% of the entire work.
  • Copyright Permissions may be obtained for entire works if the work is Permanently Out of Stock or Out of Print.
  • The average cost to student for any one Coursepack is $50-$125.
  • We can cancel Copyright Permissions, at no cost to HWS, if we do so before the work has been copied.
  • We obtain Copyright Permission and communicate related costs to the faculty member.  This allows the faculty member to make the final decision on including, or excluding , any one article from the Coursepack.

  The process is:

  • Faculty member fills out a bibliography worksheet form or provides complete bibliographic information.
  • Faculty member provides clean hard copy of desired article(s), collated in the order in which they want them printed in the Coursepack.
  • The Textbook Department forwards the information and Coursepack hard copy to be processed by our Copyright Clearance Partner, University Custom Publishing, Univ. of Southern California.
  • The Textbook Department communicates with the faculty member throughout the entire process.
  • Coursepacks are delivered to the store. The Textbook Department processes the shipment and prepares the Coursepack for the shelf.
  • Re-orders are typically delivered within 24 hours.
  • Coursepacks, because of their nature, are NOT returnable to a "publisher/wholesaler" so all sales to students are considered final.
  • Unsold Coursepacks are charged to the department.  We order very conservative numbers of Coursepacks to minimize the above.  Historically, we have charged very few Coursepacks to the departments due to our conservative ordering.
  • Costs incurred on behalf of faculty for Coursepacks that are ordered and not used, or not cancelled in a timely manner, are charged to the department.

Although the process is lengthy and costs can be higher than faculty might expect, the procurement of Copyright Permissions and subsequent ordering of any Coursepack is a service that many take advantage of.  We are glad to help in any way that we can.  Copyright infringements are attracting increased attention by publishers and the press.  Therefore, faculty are strongly urged to obtain the appropriate Copyright Permission before distributing copied material in either printed or digital form.  The front cover of our Coursepack indicates that all Copyright Permissions have been obtained and paid for and that any reproduction of the material within is illegal under Copyright Law.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or if we can be of service!

51 St. Clair Street, Geneva, NY  13148     315-781-3449(p)     315-781-3450(f)