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Textbook Reservations are textbook orders placed on-line by clicking on Textbooks.  The College Store is pleased to offer students this opportunity to pre-order and reserve their textbooks.  All Textbook Reservations must be pre-paid.  This is an excellent way to reserve desired textbooks and avoid waiting in line at the registers.

1. WHEN         

Textbook Reservations for Spring 2019 are accepted 12/21/18 - 01/17/19. Textbook Reservations must be submitted before midnight (ET) on 01/17/19

2. How               

Textbook Reservations can be made by clicking on Textbooks.

You must Register/Login in order to complete an order. Click on "Login/Register" located in the drop down menu under Home.

Make Textbook selections and add to shopping cart.

Follow the "Check Out" procedure, providing all contact and payment information.

Choose "Pick Up at Store" for shipping method. We do not ship Textbooks.

Include shipping address even though you will pick your order up at the store.

Use either home or school address for shipping information.

We cannot guarantee that 100% of your order will be filled.

Prices on website are subject to change without notice.*

*Your shopping cart total will reflect NEW book pricing for ALL books selected, whether or not you have indicated a preference for used books. We fill all orders as placed providing we have the New/Used book you ordered. You will be charged appropriately for you New/Used books at the time we fill your order.

Include any relevant messages in the notes filed at checkout.

i.e.  Do not substitute new for used if used are unavailable.

i.e.  Use Gift Certificate* before charging Visa/MasterCard/Community Cash. *Must include Gift Certificate number and dollar amount to be used.

3. Pickup Dates & Times

Textbook Reservations can be picked up in the basement of Sherrill Hall Room 001 (Use rear entrance to Sherrill Hall located by the basketball courts)


                      Monday          01/21            9am - 5pm

                      Tuesday         01/22            9am - 5pm

                      Wednesday     01/23            9am - 5pm


4. Pickup Information

Textbook Reservations are not charged shipping and handling fees. 

You must present HWS Student ID or Photo ID when picking up Textbook Reservations.

Textbooks not picked up by  5:00pm, Wednesday, 01/23/19 will be returned to the shelves and your account will be credited for the books purchased.

$10.00 non-refundable restocking fee will be charged to your account if books are returned to the shelves due to failure to pick up and for canceled orders.

6. Payment  

We accept Visa/MasterCard/Community Cash for payment and pre-approved Business Office Charge (SFA, HEOP, etc). 

For Textbook Reservations credit cards will be charged between 01/15/19 and 01/19/19.



1. Textbooks are accepted for refunds during the first 5 days of the semester for which they were purchased.  Textbook and Original Sales Receipt MUST accompany all returns.  

2. Textbooks are accepted for refunds during the first five class days of the semester for which they were purchased.

3. ALL books purchased new must be returned in new, salable condition.  That is, free of marks and/or highlighting, scratched covers, and torn pages.  Textbooks sold in shrink wrap MUST be  returned with shrink wrap intact.

4. Lab Manuals, Reprints, Coursepacks, Custom published books and Special Purchase books are non-returnable.

5. The College Store reserves the right to refuse a refund or exchange based on non-compliance with this policy, condition of merchandise and/or unreasonable lapse of time.



Textbooks are available for sale in The College Store the Monday prior to the first day of class.  Textbooks remain available for sale for 10-12 weeks from the first day of class, at which time unsold textbooks are returned to wholesalers(used books) and publishers(new books).  Students and Faculty are notified by email of the date that unsold textbooks will be returned to wholesalers and publishers.  The College Store will be glad to place a special order for any textbook needed after returns to publishers/wholesalers are completed.  Special orders after returns are made to publishers/wholesalers and not returnable and require pre-payment.

The College Store makes every effort to have 100% of required and recommended textbooks on the shelf and available for sale.  Our ability to do that is impacted by domestic vs international sources, publisher stock, current vs old editions, faculty adoption timelines, and wholesalers/publishers return policies.  If you do not see the textbook you need please see Textbook Department personnel.



What is Buyback?
Textbook Buybacks are opportunities to sell unwanted textbooks.  The College Store sponsors the only authorized buyback on the campus of HWS.  Buybacks are held in the Lower Level of the College Store at the end of every semester.
How will I know when Buyback is scheduled?
1.  Buyback dates and times are on our website,, click on Textbook information.

2.  You will receive email notices from the bookstore.

3.  Buyback posters with dates and times will be distributed around campus.
Where is Buyback?
Buybacks are held on the Lower Level of The College Store at then end of every semester.
When are the Buybacks scheduled at The College Store this year?
December 11-15 & 17-18 (2018)                  9-5               Lower Level
May 6-10 & 13 (2019)                                 9-5               Lower level
Can I highlight and write in my textbooks and still sell them back at the Buyback?
There are a few exceptions:


•Law and foreign language books may have no more than 30% of the margins filled with notes.


•Study guides may not be written in or have any pages removed.

•Water damaged books have no value at buyback.

•All components of shrink-wrapped "bundles" must be presented at buyback.  i.e. CDs, Study Guides, Tapes, Workbooks, etc.

•Textbooks with damaged/broken bindings and torn/ripped pages have no value at buyback.
Do I need my receipt in order to sell my textbooks at Buyback?
No.  Just bring your textbooks to The College Store.       


Do I need my HWS ID in order to sell my textbooks at Buyback?
Yes.  We also accept a driver's license or other photo ID.


How much will I get for my textbooks at Buyback?
The College Store will pay you up to 50% of the bookstore's selling price


• IF the book will be used in the following semester and is needed to meet the bookstore's quota


• IF the faculty member has notified the bookstore PRIOR to Buyback that the book will be used in the following semester


• IF marketplace demand has not adversely affected the selling price of the textbook
The College Store will pay you a "wholesale" price for any book NOT being used on campus the following Semester. Typically, wholesale prices are 10%-30%** of the publisher's list price. These specific books are shipped to the wholesaler partner and will be ultimately sold to other college/university bookstores.
**This value is determined by national demand and is dictated by the wholesaler partner which is contracted with The College Store.  The wholesaler's database contains over 500,000 titles. The College Store is contractually bound to the database prices for wholesale purchases.  We invite your to bring your books in during Buyback, regardless of where they were purchased.  We will be glad to tell you what we are able to pay for each book before you make the decision to sell your books!




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