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The College Store
is committed to providing students, staff,
  faculty, and the surrounding communities with

  The College Store
is engaged in Eco-friendly practices and
  procedures.  We welcome your suggestions and feedback!

   Sustainable Products available at The College Store:

      Graduation Regalia
  •          The College Store at Hobart and William Smith Colleges participates in a "Green" Regalia Program.  Bachelor and Master caps and gowns are made with Repreve®; a fabric made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles.  Repreve® is certified by U Trust™ Verification Program as being 100% recycled.  Each gown made with Repreve® uses approximately 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 15,225 post-consumer bottles per year. The College Store also accepts unwanted Repreve® regalia for complete recycling by the manufacturer.
        Reusable Beverage Containers

  •           Nalgene Bottles
  •           Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
  •           Camelbak Bottles
       Writing & Classroom Products

  •           Natural hardwood Pencils (no Rainforest wood)
  •           Bamboo Mechanical Pencils
  •           Bamboo Calculators
  •           Natural Rubber Bands
       Paper Products made from Recycled Paper
  •           2 Pocket Folders (Paper or Plastic) 
  •           3-hole Punched Pocket folios (5 pack) 
  •           Calendars, Assorted
  •           Computer/Copy Paper
  •           Envirotech Composition Books
  •           Decomposition Notebooks
  •           Comet Legal Pads
  •           Filler Paper
  •           Index Cards - 3x5 & 4x6
  •           Post-it Notes, Made with plant based adhesives(67% by weight), PEFC-Guaranteed*
  •           Planners, PEFC-Guaranteed*
       Plastic Products made from Recycled Plastic
  •           Binders 
  •           C-Line Recycled Sheet Protectors (70% recycled content)
  •           Report Covers
  •           Children's toys made from 100% recycled plastic by Green Toys
       Miscellaneous School & Office Supplies
  •           CFL bulbs - 15 watt & 19 watt 
  •           Greeting Cards by Design Design (uses recycled paper and wind energy for production)
  •           Pur water pitchers and filters
  •           Whiteboards and Expo Products


      Procedures and Practices - The College Store routinely & consistently
       does the following

  •          Maintains aggressive used textbook purchasing strategies from students & wholesaler
  •           Recycles paper
  •           Recycles plastic bottles and aluminum cans
  •           Reuses bubble wrap and packing peanuts (both plastic and corn based)
  •           Reuses packing paper and other packing materials
  •           Reuses cardboard boxes for returns to publishers, wholesalers, & distributors
  •           Provides campus community with used cardboard boxes when supply allows
  •           Serves as a collection point for ink cartridges, cell phones, and expended batteries
  •           Serves as a collection point for e-waste(date specific - based on Campus Greens)
  •           Offers convenient bike racks for "parking" while shopping
  •           Uses plastic bags made from a minimum of 50% recycled/reprocessed film

*PEFC-Guaranteed - Guarantees that the paper comes from managed forest practices.