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Quarters for Vending Machines
The College Store is a great resource for quarters for your vending needs.  The College Store's ability to provide this service is based on limited available funds.  Quarters are available Wednesday - Saturday and there is a $10 limit per customer.  This service will be suspended once available funds are exhausted.  We accept cash or checks only when "buying" quarters.  Debit/credit cards can not be used to purchase quarters. 

Dry Cleaning/Laundry
The College Store has partnered with K&L Cleaners of Penn Yan, NY, to provide Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services.  This service is made available to students, staff, faculty, administration, and HWS departments as well as the public.  Dry Cleaning and Laundry can be left with the Shipping/Receiving/Supply Coordinator on the Lower Level.  Dry Cleaning/Laundry is picked up and delivered to The College Store each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the entire year.  Typically Dry Cleaning/Laundry is returned within 2 business days.  i.e.  Dry Cleaning/Laundry picked up by K&L Cleaners on a Monday is delivered to The College Store on a Wednesday.  Only Dry Cleaning/Laundry that is left with The College Store will be accepted from K&L Cleaners as inbound Dry Cleaning/Laundry.  Dry Cleaning/Laundry must be claimed by and paid, in full, by person who left the garments for processing.  Payment can be made by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or OneCard Community Cash.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services and Pricing List.

The College Store provides inbound and outbound Fax Services in the Mezzanine Office as a complimentary service during regular business hours.
Inbound faxes can be sent to (315)781-3450.
Sender of Inbound Faxes should include the name and phone or email information of the person to receive the fax.

      Balloon Bouquets and Gift Bags

We offer Balloon Bouquets and Gift Bags to celebrate special occasions or to cheer-up the sad and weary.

Balloon Bouquets: Call The College Store at (315)781-3449 and we will be glad to assist you in your selections to create the perfect Balloon Bouquet. 


Basic Balloon Bouquet        3 Latex + 1 Mylar Balloon     $5.29

Deluxe Balloon Bouquet      8 Latex + 1 Mylar Balloon     $9.79


Light Weight           (Holds down 1 latex or 1 Mylar)      $ .20

Heavy weight         (Holds down 6 latex or 12 Mylar)     $1.39

Gift Bags:
Gift Bags are custom designed and filled with items available in The College Store.  The price is, therefore, dependent on the selections made by the customer.  Favorite selections include convenience items, stuffed animals, greeting cards, t-shirts, etc.  Please call The College Store at (315)781-3449 and we will be glad to assist you in your selections to create the perfect Gift Bag.

Students are notified that they have a Balloon Bouquet and/or Gift Bag and are required to pick it up at The College Store during business hours.

Check Cashing
The College Store provides a check cashing service for all members of the campus community. The College Store's ability to provide this service is based on limited available funds. Check cashing services will be suspended once available funds are exhausted. A Community Bank ATM is located in the foyer of The College Store for customer convenience.

  • Checks may be cashed for up to $20 or $20 over the amount of your purchase.
  • Checks over $20 and up to $100 may be cashed at the Registers on the Main Floor, 3pm-5pm given availability of funds.
  • Students MUST present CWID before cashing a check.
  • Checks with insufficient funds will result in a $25 service fee and the loss of check-cashing privileges. Check cashing privileges will be reinstated upon restitution of both original check amount and the $25 fee. Restitution can be made at the Student Accounts Office located in the basement of Demarest Hall.
  • Writing a bad check can result in permanent suspension of check-cashing privileges as well as denial of college records until restitution is made.
  • Checks up to $200 may be cashed during the 1st week of each semester given availability of funds.
  • No check cashing on Saturdays or bank holidays due to availability of limited funds.

51 St. Clair Street, Geneva, NY  14456     315-781-3449(p)     315-781-3450(f)