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PLEASE NOTE: The Loyalty program will be terminated on April 30, 2019.

Loyalty Rewards! Program

The College Store’s LOYALTY REWARDS!   program is our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer.  The program is free, easy, and popular!  Sign up on our website,  SHOP at The College Store or  EARN POINTS on purchases.  Accumulate 825 points and redeem for a $25 LOYALTY REWARDS!  card good for purchases made at The College Store or  Some exemptions apply.  Loyalty Cards are held at The College Store for you to pick up at your convenience.



The following are not eligible for LOYALTY REWARDS! points or LOYALTY REWARDS!  card redemption:
Special Orders
(i.e. Class Rings, College Chairs, Diploma Frames)

Non-Bookstore Merchandise (i.e. Tickets, Visiting Vendors)

Service Fees (i.e. Faxes, Laundry & Dry Cleaning)

Gift Cards

For more information see our Loyalty Rewards! FAQs below. 


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Loyalty Rewards! - FAQs


How do I enroll in the Loyalty Rewards! program?

Visit, click on Register and/or Join Loyalty Rewards! and follow the prompts.

How is my
Loyalty Rewards! ID established?

You establish your Loyalty Rewards!  ID at the time you enroll in the program.  We encourage you to use your CWID, Campus Wide ID (located on your OneCard), if you are currently enrolled at Hobart and William Smith Colleges or if you are a current HWS employee.  If you are not a current student or employee, we recommend a 10 digit phone number.   Remember that the number you established as your Loyalty Rewards!  ID must be used for EVERY purchase in order for all eligible points to post to your account!  You must present the entire, and correct, Loyalty Rewards!  ID in order to have all eligible points post to your account.

What should I know about the
Loyalty Rewards! program?

It is free.  It is easy.  There are no fees.  Points do not expire.

How do I earn points?

Shop at The College Store and present cashier with your Loyalty Rewards! ID number.

Shop at  Your login will associate your Loyalty Rewards! ID with your purchase.

Can I give, or transfer, my Points to someone else?

No, all Points post to the Loyalty Rewards! account number associated with the customer’s ID.

What purchases are exempt from the
Loyalty Rewards! program?

The following are not eligible for Points.  Special Orders (i.e. Class Rings, College Chairs, Diploma Frames) Non-Bookstore Merchandise (i.e. Tickets, Visiting Vendors)  Service Fees (i.e. Faxes, Laundry, Dry Cleaning) and Gift Cards. 

How can I earn BONUS points?

The College Store will sponsor different “bonus” shopping events throughout the academic year.  You will be able to earn extra points for shopping at the bookstore during these events.  Watch our website calendar of events, store flyers, in-store monitor, Facebook, Twitter your email  and our Loyalty Rewards! Bonus Days page for announcements and information regarding BONUS periods and eligible purchases. 

How do I manage my
Loyalty Rewards! account?

Visit, click on Register and/or Join Loyalty Rewards!  You can view Points earned, Points redeemed, and Points pending. 

How do I redeem
Loyalty Rewards! points?

Visit, click on Register and/or Join Loyalty Rewards!  There is a 3 day grace period before points earned post to your account with the exception of the start of each semester the grace period is 30 days. 

What do I receive when I redeem my
Loyalty Rewards! points?

You receive a Loyalty Rewards!  card, which is good toward any purchase of Points eligible merchandise at The College Store.

What should I know about the
Loyalty Rewards! card?

The Loyalty Rewards! card is issued by The College Store at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and - is not valid until activated by The College Store - is good for points eligible purchases from The College Store only, either in-store or online - may be used multiple times until value is fully depleted - is non-refundable - cannot be redeemed for cash - cannot be transferred to another individual - cannot be replaced, if lost, stolen or damaged - will be void if altered or defaced.  The Loyalty Rewards!  card has no fees.  The Loyalty Rewards! card expires 5 years after date of issue. 

What happens to inactive
Loyalty Rewards! accounts?

Loyalty Rewards! points have no cash value.  Accounts remaining inactive for over 48 months will be retired and all unredeemed points will be surrendered.

Loyalty Rewards!  Policy

The Loyalty Rewards! program is administered by The College Store and is subject to change and/or termination at any time, without notice.