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The College Store: Bookstore Committee

Mission Statement    To routinely gather current information regarding student
                               perceptions of bookstore goods, services, customer service,
                               website, and social media.  To assess, understand, and utilize the
                               information gained to enhance identified goods and services within
                               the bookstore operation.  

Committee Members
      Students              One representative from each of the four classes for both colleges.
                               Student members will be well versed in campus life, engaged with a
                               range of student interests, and be able to easily represent the
                               diverse interests of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges students

     Bookstore              Clothing/Gift/Convenience Coordinator, Full-time Cashier, Director

Length of Service
     Students              From time of selection until graduation, or upon resignation,
                               whichever comes first.      

     Bookstore             From time of selection until resignation or re-assignment, whichever
                               comes first.

Meeting Structure    One meeting every three to four weeks.
                              Minimum of 3 meetings per semester, Maximum of 5 meetings per

                                      Meeting dates and times determined in consideration of student's
                              academic schedules.

Meeting Times         Determined based upon student availability, breaks, and finals

       Fall Semester Proposed                                       Spring Semester Proposed

  2nd week of September or 3rd week of Classes       1st week of February or 3rd week of Classes
  1st week of October or before Fall Recess               1st week of March
  3rd week of October                                             1st week of April
  2nd week of November                                         3rd week of April
  1st week of December or before Finals begin           1st week of May

       Proposed Agenda Topics                                                  Proposed Agenda Topics

  Textbook prices & availability                              Website design & content
  Communication from store to students                 Bookstore Services
  Clothing: Selection, price, quality                         Clothing: Trends, imprints, School Specific (H-WS-HWS)
  Social Media                                                      Giving Back
  Wildcard: What's on our/your mind?                     Wildcard: What's on our/your mind?

Meeting Agenda      Determined by bookstore management and Committee feedback.
                              Meeting Agenda may also be communicated via HWS email prior to
                              scheduled meeting

Selection Process    
     Students            Applications sought in coordination with Hobart Student Government and
                             William Smith Congress

     Bookstore           Committee member status is automatic for persons within positions.

Attendance Policy    
     Students            Meetings are mandatory.  One absence per semester may be granted.
                             Students unable to attend are required to provide feedback on topic of
                             Two or more absences within semester will require resignation from

     Bookstore           Meetings are mandatory.  Hourly staff unable to attend must find
                             colleague to attend on their behalf.

     Students            Positions vacated by students will be filled in a timely manner by a
                             comparable candidate.

     Bookstore           Resignation from committee will be automatic upon resignation of position
                             within The College Store.
      Students           Student committee members in good standing will receive one $50 Loyalty
                             Rewards! Cards from The College Store per semester, at semester's end. 
                             Student must comply with Attendance Policy to maintain status of good

     Bookstore           Hourly Rate as established.