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FAQs: Textbook Returns

What is the policy for returning textbooks for a refund?

Original sales receipt MUST accompany the return. Textbooks are accepted

for refunds during the first 5 class days of the semester for which they were purchased.

All textbooks purchased NEW must be returned in new, salable condition.

    i.e. free of marks and /or highlighting. No scratched covers and/or torn pages, water damage.

Textbooks sold in shrink wrap MUST be returned with shrink wrap intact.

Lab manuals, Reprints, Coursepacks, and Custom Published books are non-returnable.

When can I return my textbooks?

The First 5 class days of the semester for which they were purchased.

You need your original receipt and your books.

Where do I go to return my textbooks?

Bring your textbooks and receipt to the Lower Floor of The College Store.  There will be
someone positioned near the entrance to assist you.  If you do not see anyone at the
"Return Desk" please ask a Cashier for assistance.  They will call for textbook personnel
to assist you.

Will I get a full refund?

Yes, if you have complied with the Return Policy.

Are ALL textbooks that I purchased from The College Store returnable?


           The following CAN NOT be returned:

New books that you have written or highlighted in

(Custom printed materials for which copyright permission
                      was required)

                      Shrink wrapped textbooks that you have opened

                      Textbooks that contain codes to internet information if the code has
                       been opened

                      Custom Published textbooks

                      Lab Manuals


                      CDs/DVDs that have been opened

What advice can you give me regarding my textbooks?

Go to class, and make sure you are going to stay in the class,

           BEFORE opening shrink wrapped textbooks

           BEFORE writing your name in NEW textbooks

           BEFORE making any marks or highlighting in NEW textbooks

           BEFORE opening key codes for internet information

           BEFORE opening CDs/DVDs

Once you are sure you are in the right class, with the right textbook, and are going to
stay in the class:

Make a specific mark in the book on a specific page.

i.e. Your initials on the page that represents the month and date of your
      birthday.  If your textbook is stolen this unique mark will help identify your book.

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