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VOL 47/2 FALL 2017


The fall 2017 issue of Seneca Review includes poems and essays by Nathaniel Mackey, Katharine Coles, Anne Gorrick, Rebecca Lindenberg, Andrew Seguin, Stephen Ackerman, Sarah Bates, Bianca Chang, Louis Bury, Lisa Chen, Eduardo Chirinos, Tamara Dean, Derek Gromadzki, Myronn Hardy, Negesti Kaudo, Matthew Lippman, Paula Mendoza, David Mohan, A. Molotov, Joanna Novak, Anzhelina Polonskaya, Caleb Powell, G.J. Racz, Jennifer Richter & BT Shaw, Dana Roeser, Andrew Wachtel, and David E. Yee.

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VOL 47/1 SPRING 2017


The spring 2017 issue of Seneca Review includes poems and essays by D.J. Savarese, Dylan Krieger, Julie Marie Wade, Daniel Schonning, Will Redman, James Grabill, Abriana Jetté, George Trakl (trans. Bob Herz), Bob Herz, Dennis James Sweeney, G.C. Waldrep, Shannon Ratliff, Lisa Knopp, Kristin Allio, David Micah Greenberg, Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, and Rebecca Weiner Tompkins.”


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FALL 2016, Volume 46, No. 2


The fall 2016 issue of Seneca Review is a book of poems, Deborah Tall’s final collection, Afterings. It is a remarkable volume by a poet and nonfiction writer at the peak of her powers. Eavan Boland has called it “an essential collection,” and Mary Ruefle says the poems have “not what is to be expected – hints of cessation – but an overwhelming sense of blossoming.”

Deborah Tall edited Seneca Review for twenty-five years, until 2006. Her previous book of poems Summons was chosen by Charles Simic for Sarabande Books’ Kathryn Morton A. Prize. From Where We Stand: Recovering a Sense of Place was reprinted last year by Syracuse University Press. Her final book of nonfiction, A Family of Strangers, a book-length lyric essay, was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award in biography/autobiography in 2006.


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Spring 2016: Volume 46, No. 1

bang, bang, and she's a butterfly
72 Poems by 14 Polish Poets


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Fa l l 2 0 15: V o l u m e 4 5 No. 2

5 Chubby Checkers: How to Write About Something That Doesn’t Get Better by Hannah Bright

9 Behind the House

10 Witness

11 i, by Jessie Sobey

12 On Worries

19 Stolen Time

27 Band of Brothers by Boyer Rickel

33 Flashovers by Susan Mitchell

43 Parallax by Thomas Mira y Lopez

61 New Lines for Hart Crane (1899–1932) by Herbert Woodward Martin

62 Sexual Solutions, Sexual Problems by Stephen Thomas

68 Sic Ait (a Translation of Book IV, Lines 584–704 of Virgil’s Aeneid) by Emily Rials

94 Seven Wonders of the World by Jacob Paul

97 Silver Sequence by Wendy Barker

103 String by Michael Martone

106 Real American Poem

108 Flexible Machine Parts by Tim Carter

110 Murder Ballad in a Stellar Nursery by Traci Brimhall

114 New Year Cento on Infinity and Immortality by Katharine Coles

116 From Spectacular Vernaculars, III. Stakes Is Higher* by Mark Olivieri

129 X-Men vs. Street Fighter by Jeff Chon

143 The Advice Contained Herein

144 The New Sincerity by Benjamin Goodney

145 Encephalization by T. L. Lucas

157 From Arrangement of Parts by Diana Arterian

161 Half-Life: Hölderlin

162 A Lover Doesn't Have To by Timothy Liu

163 Forth from These Waters Do I Come Bright in Purity by Virginia Clark

167 Watchfires by Hilary Plum

181 All These by Rebecca Cook

183 I Am Not Content to Absorb My Invaders by Jennifer H. Fortin

186 Dislocation by Alison C. Powell

189 The Problem, of Which I Sort of Can’t Really Even Properly Conceive by Eric Fershtman

203 Notes on Contributors

A performance of Stakes Is Higher as well as a performance of the cover art of this issue can be found on Seneca Review online.


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Fall/Spring 2013-2014, Beyond Category, Double Issue

24Hours: Dirk Krecker
from Hairst: Susan Tichy
Profunda Linguage: Monice Ong
Tanker: Ben Cartwright
Are You My Mother: Helen Bubinstein
Untangle Me: Ben Van Dyke
Psychology: BT Shaw
and many more


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Spring 2013, Volume 43, No. 1

"The Abstract Humanities" - Sandra Simonds
"Inanimate Subjects" - Catherine Taylor
"Metobelus" - G. C. Waldrep


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VOLUME 42/1 & 2

Spring & Fall 2012, Volume 42, No. 1-2

Recipient of the first Deborah Tall Lyric Essay Prize: Chris Haven for selections from the "Emmanuel" sequence. "From The Emmanuel sequence" - Chris Haven

Table of Contents:

"Why Dim Sum Makes Me Feel Tender" - Kim Adrian
"A Page on Locus Amoenus, Permitting Shame, Error and Guilt, Myself the Single Source" - Brian Blanchfield
"My New War Essay" - Paul Crenshaw
"Pessoa in Lisboa" - Sharon Dolin
"James Earl Jones Eats Whoopie Pie" - Matthew Gavin Frank
"Inland in Eden on the Indiana Dunes with Nuclear Reactor" - Donald Platt
"Ventriloquenched, or Sessions from the Summit" - Aylen Rounds
"Tribes" - Ronny Someck, Trans. Karen Alkalay-Gut
The MeMorist - Eliot Khalil Wilson


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Spring 2011: Volume 41, No. 2

"The Liturgy of Some Hours or Chrono-Rama-Boom-Boom" - Melanie Conroy-Goldman
"Carnivale" - Stephen Kuusisto
"Chicago 2" - Dave Snyder
"The Animals of My Sorrow" - Ethan Kenvarg

Online Only

An Interview with Noah Eli Gordon - Melissa McCrae
On Fame, Affliction, Nomenclature, and Theft (An excerpt from Dysgraphia) - Noah Eli Gordon


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Spring 2011, Volume 41, No. 1

"Love Letters 11, 16, 17, 35, and 45" - Esvie Coemish
"Baptism" - Julie Marie Wade
"La Playa Los Muertos" - Donald Platt


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